Take Away Menu

Family Platter (share for 3) $75

  • Vegetarian $75

    Hummus, baba ghanoush, labneh, vine leaves(3), falafel(6), pumpkin kibbeh(6), roast tomato(3), fried cauliflower(6), mixed pickle, marinated olives, spicy corn ribs(3), roasted chilli potato, roasted vegetable, tabuli, and Lebanese bread


  • Meat and poultry $75

    Hummus, baba ghanoush, labneh, vine leaves(3), roast tomato, mixed pickle, grilled lamb sausages(3), chicken skewers(3), lamb skewer(3), kofta(3), marinated olives, spicy corn ribs (3)and Lebanese bread


  • Grand bees (signature dish) $75

    6-8 hrs Slow cooked whole lamb shoulder served with mint yogurt , house salad, Pilaf rice.

Main Dishes

  • Lamb Shank Tagine $29

    Slow baked lamb shanks in a tomato, middle eastern spices, dry apricot sauce served with pearl couscous and mint yogurt.

  • Chicken or Lamb Monsef $28

    Pilaf rice, green peas, toasted pine nuts & mint yogurt

  • Lemon Pepper battered Barramundi $26

    W/Fries Tartare Sauce, Lemon, Green Salad

  • Lubya (v) $18

    Green beans, fava beans sauteed in a tomato, onion, garlic, cumin & chilli sauce served with pilaf rice

  • Moroccan pumpkin and chickpeas tagine (v) $20

    Pumpkin, carrot, tomato, chickpeas cooked in middle eastern spices and serve with pearl couscous.

  • Moroccan Beef Pie $22

    Chunky beef cubes cooked w/cumin, cinnamon, raisins, and tomato sauce w/feta cheese in a golden crisp puff pastry served with garden salad & mint yogurt

Starter Menu

  • Dips (choice of 1) Regular $13

    Hummus/ baba ghanoush / labneh/ garlic

  • Dips (choice of 1) Large $17

    Hummus/ baba ghanoush / labneh/ garlic

  • Fried Kibbeh (4pcs) $16

    Serve with Labneh
    Filled w/ spiced minced meat or pumpkin and fetta (v)

  • Garlic and Herb bread (2 pcs) $7

    Herbs and butter

  • Ladies finger (4 pcs) $14

    Stuffed with cheese
    Serve with sweet chilli sauce

  • Meat Sambuusa(4pcs) $16

    Golden crisp pastry filled w/herb mince serve with Labneh

  • Falafel (6pcs) $11

    Fried chickpeas and fava bean
    Serve with tahini

  • Falafel (12pcs) $18

    Fried chickpeas and fava bean
    Serve with tahini

  • Spinach Triangles (4pcs) $14

    Spinach filled with pastry
    Serve with sweet chilli sauce


  • Soft drink $5

    Coke, zero coke, juice, spring water, sparkling water, lemon lime& bitter

  • Soft drinks (large 1.25 ltr) $7

    coke, zero coke, sprite Fanta, lift

  • Juice (bottle) $5

    Orange, apple, pineapple

  • Juice (fresh): (any one of them) $8

    Orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon, mix veg, carrot.

  • Tea $5

    Green tea, lemon ginger & honey, peppermint, earl grey, English breakfast, chamomile, iced tea

  • Coffee: (regular size) $5

    Cappuccino, flat white, latte, long black, piccolo, espresso, macchiato, mocha, hot chocolate

  • Milkshake (regular size) $8

    chocolate/ strawberry/ vanilla / caramel

Burgers (on brioche) All Served with Fries

  • Beef Burger $18

    Homemade angus beef patty w/ lettuce, tomato, pickle cucumber, caramelized onion, tasty cheese & Dijon mayo

  • Pulled Lamb Burger $18

    Slow cooked BBQ lamb w/ rocket, pickled cucumber, caramelized onion, tomato and hommus

  • Harissa Chicken $18

    Lettuce, tomato, pickle cucumber, caramelized onion, tasty cheese and chilli mayo

  • Haloumi & Zucchini fritter $18

    Baby spinach, tomato, pickle cucumber, caramelised onion, avocado smash and capsicum relish.

From Grill

  • Chicken skewers/ lamb skewers / kofta (3pcs) $26

    Served with hummus, pickle cucumber, roasted tomato, spicy corn cob and Lebanese bread

  • Char Grilled King Prawns (GF) $31

    Marinated in lemon, garlic, chilli sauce, pomegranate molasses on a bed of crunchy cabbage & rocket salad with orange segments

  • Char Grilled Harissa Chicken breast fillet $26

    W/chips, garden salad & chilli mayo

  • Grand bees Mixed Grill (meat) $35

    Lamb, Chicken and Kofta Skewers w/sausages, hummus, garlic, roasted tomato, spicy corn ribs, pickle chilli, tabouli & Lebanese bread

  • Grand bees Mixed Grill (Vegetarian) $35

    Hummus, garlic, roasted tomato, pickle chilli, fried cauliflower, roasted veg, roasted potato with chilli coriander, falafel(2), pumpkin kibbeh(2), vine leave, spicy corn rib, tabouli & Lebanese bread

  • Lemon garlic chicken $26

    Served with hummus, pickle cucumber, roasted tomato, spicy corn cob and crispy bread

  • Chicken/ Lamb Shawarma Plate $26

    Served with hummus, pickle cucumber, roasted tomato, spicy corn cob and Lebanese bread

Add-Ons (Extra)

  • Extra Lebanese /pitta/gluten free bread $5
  • Roasted tomato $5
  • Basmati rice $6
  • Hummus/baba ghanoush /labneh/garlic (each) $8
  • Chicken / kofta/ lamb skewers (each) $8
  • Chip’s w/ aioli $8
  • Mixed pickle $8
  • Marinated olives $8
  • Fried cauliflower $10
  • Pearl couscous $10
  • Sautéed green beans w/ chilli and garlic $10
  • House Salad $10
  • Spicy corn cob (4 pcs) $8
  • Fried potato with chilli coriander $10
  • Steamed seasonal veg $12


  • Fattoush salad $17

    Lettuce, red onion, red cabbage, cherry tomato, capsicum, cucumber, mint, parsley, pomegranate seeds, crispy bread and pomegranate dressing
    (Add chicken $5)

  • Moroccan Lamb and Quinoa (GF) $23

    Shredded lamb with Wild Rocket, baby spinach, beetroot, onion, shaved sweet potato, Toasted almonds, balsamic dressing, and Mint yogurt

  • Tabbouli Salad (V,GF) $15

    Quinoa, tomato, onion, parsley, mint with lemon dressing.

  • House Salad (GF) $17

    Honey Roasted Baby Beetroot, Zaatar Baked Pumpkin, Baby Spinach, kale, shaved sweet potato, honey roasted walnuts with lime and mustard dressing.
    (Add Chicken or Haloumi or falafel $5)

  • Grand Bees chicken salad (GF) $23

    Dukka chicken, roasted pumpkin, onion, roasted cauliflower, kale, red cabbage, pepitas, and lemon tahini dressing